Massive Internet photo project to capture 'day in life' of world

16 May, 2012

Pictures of a house in India, a food cupboard in New Zealand and someone eating breakfast in Sweden were among the first of thousands of photographs sent to an Internet project to capture a day in the life of people all over the world on Tuesday.

The Swedish-based project, www.aday.org , has got backing from figures in entertainment, politics and business, who are also going to upload photos of their day.

"There are tens of thousands of photos from all over the world," said project editor-in-chief Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, talking about how many pictures had been uploaded to the website's servers since the project kicked off at midnight local time across the globe.

"This is the biggest crowd sourcing still photography project that has ever been done," added Karabuda Ecer, who has taken a sabbatical from her work as vice-president pictures at Thomson Reuters to work for the project.

"The idea is to ask people to document their own lives," she added. She said the aim was for people to take photos on May 15 and upload them with detailed data to the website by May 22.

The organisers will then launch an exploration site with all the photos and ways to browse the pictures and information on the same website on May 30.

Though the bulk of pictures will come from ordinary people, the project includes many well known photographers and has got backing from several famous people on a global advisory council, who will also take photos.

These include Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, Swedish diplomat and foreign minister Jan Eliasson, who is now deputy head of the United Nations, and singer Robyn.