Quick look at 9 Indian startups selected for Start-Up Chile's latest batch

India accounted for 9 per cent of the total number of startups that have been selected for the new batch of Start-Up Chile accelerator programme. The other prominent countries in the shortlist included the US and Chile (19 per cent each), Argentina (9 per cent each) and Spain and Brazil (5 per cent each). In total, the list included entrepreneurs from 28 different countries like Bosnia, Ukraine, and Ghana, among others.

Start-Up Chile is an initiative by the Chile government to improve the startup ecosystem in the country by inviting top startups across the globe. In the course of the programme, the government supports the companies with funding, business establishment support, building a team and expanding their market across the country. The startups also get the opportunity to take part in seminars, talks and classes in local universities; mentor young Chilean entrepreneurs; and travel the country from North to South, sharing their experiences.

In the programme, e-commerce and IT & enterprise software are the most strongly identified industries (19 per cent each), followed by education (14 per cent) and healthcare & biotechnology (12 per cent).

A list of some of the Indian startups in the programme:

Etyacol Technologies: A mobile application development startup that has developed apps across areas like location based tracking, and customer profiling, etc. However, its core focus is in the area of helping enterprise developers manage their solutions with ease.

Field Assist: A secondary sales automation solution from Flick2know Technologies, which captures performance of each salesman on real time basis using QR technology. Each Salesman is profiled and a history of activity including daily sales made, shops visited, time spent at each shop, orders placed, sales analysis and account details are easily accessible.

Reportgarden: Claims to reduce the amount of time you spend preparing analytics and adwords reports for your clients. Its WYSIWYG editor enables its users to quickly add charts, table and other visualisations to their reports. Users can slice and dice their campaign, ad group, ads and keywords data to convey improvements and changes to clients.

Storyberry: Enables users to build kids stories in a digital format.

TAO Education: A free to use browser based application that offers personalised education to every child by making use of open source content. It identifies the best content that can help child learn a concept in the most everlasting way.

TechChamp: Is building a discussion platform to enable startups to reach out to their early adopters, etc.

TeliportMe: Lets you explore places through the images and panoramas taken by its users through the Android app Panorama - 360.

TommyJams: An initiative to collect artists and venues, and provide a transparent, hassle-free and inexpensive web-platform for them to interact. Using the platform, venues can launch their events online and book interested artists to perform, while fans get to stay tuned with all the events happening in their city.

Zestbuds: A food discovery app that enables users to search for, discover and rate their favourite foods.

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