Micromax likely to enter wearable device space

9 Jun, 2014

MicromaxHome grown handset and tablet manufacturer Micromax could expand its offerings to wearable devices and machine-to-machine products in its next phase of growth, according to a The Economic Times report citing Sanjay Kapoor, the newly-appointed chairman of Micromax. He mentioned that the company wants to go beyond just handsets and tablets to other products such as wearable devices and machine-to-machine products.

"The company believes in democratising technology and we don't want to operate at a niche level just for a very small customer base," he said.

Some of the leading players in the space include GOQii, Samsung, GetActive, Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone. Cupertino giant Apple is also planning to launch ( ) its wearable device iWatch in October this year.

Kapoor also shared that Micromax needs a holistic change to transform from a handset maker to a company that satiates the growing appetite for data.

"It is an obvious fact that data is now the new emerging market. I wanted to focus my energies on creating and building a solid platform which would be able to participate and contribute immensely to this growth area. Micromax is very well positioned to be able to play this role," he said.