TC Roundup: Obama calls for tough legislation to combat cyber-attacks

21 Jan, 2015

Obama calls for tough legislation to combat cyber-attacks: President Barack Obama asked Congress to pass tough new legislation to combat what he called "the evolving threat of cyber-attacks," warning the U.S. faces heightened if policy makers don't act. (The Wall Street Journal)

Facebook banishes hoaxes from the news feed: "I declare all my Facebook photos are copyrighted" "Free Southwest Flights", "Bigfoot spotted". This is the kind of crap gullible people share on Facebook, until enough friends point out these are fake they delete them. Now the company's getting proactive by reducing the News Feed visibility of hoaxes.

Satirical content like The Onion will still fly, and Facebook won't delete people's foolishness, but it will show that content to fewer people and display a warning that it might be a sham. (Tech Crunch)

Twitter for Windows Phone now supports Cortana and sharing from Internet Explorer: Good news for Windows Phone users today — Twitter has given its app a little update that introduces a couple of neat new features to the mix.

Now you'll be able to use Cortana, Microsoft's Siri-like intelligent personal assistant, to launch and write a new tweet in the Twitter app.

So, for example, you could say something like "Cortana, Twitter new Tweet, where's the best place for tacos in New York," and you're then good to go. This will only work for those on Windows Phone 8.1, however, given that Cortana doesn't work on earlier versions of the mobile operating system. (Venture Beat)