TC Roundup: Toshiba CEO quits over accounting scandal

21 Jul, 2015

Toshiba Corp's chief executive Hisao Tanaka and a string of other senior officials resigned on Tuesday for their roles in the country's biggest accounting scandal in years.

Tanaka will be temporarily replaced by Chairman Masashi Muromachi after an independent inquiry found the CEO had been aware the company had inflated its profits by $1.2 billion over a period of several years. (Reuters)

Qualcomm preparing to lay off several thousand employees: Chipmaker Qualcomm Inc (QCOM) is preparing to lay off several thousand employees, or more than 10 percent of its 30,000-strong workforce, the Information website reported on Monday.

The chipmaker is expected to announce the job cuts when it releases its quarterly results on Wednesday, the tech website reported, citing people inside and outside of the company. (Fox Business)

Google is officially shutting down Google Plus Photos: Google wants you to use its new Photos service so badly that it's sunsetting the old Google Plus Photos on August 1, according to a Google Plus post from the company.

Google Plus Photos, a relic of the times when the search giant thought its social network Google Plus could become a huge hit, will start to shut down in two weeks, first on Android, then followed by the Web and iOS. (Fortune)

Instagram brings search to the web: Instagram revolutionized how we searched for pics of celebrities getting wasted on yachts on mobile, and now they're bringing that same experience to the web.

Today, Instagram is adding search to its desktop experience. Users can now search hashtags, profiles and locations on in a viewing experience that is beginning to grow much more congruous with the Instagram mobile app where content is still created on. (TechCrunch)

Google, Facebook and HP take Samsung's side in Apple patent war: Big tech firms including Google, Facebook, eBay, Dell and HP have reportedly taken Samsung's side in the firm's patent war with Apple.

A report at Inside Sources said that the companies filed a 'friend of the court' briefing on 1 July protesting against the ruling that Samsung infringes on Apple patents such as 'tap to zoom' and 'edge to edge glass design'. (The Inquirer)