TC Roundup: China's GSR Capital to launch $5B fund for global tech deals

27 Jul, 2015

Chinese investment firm GSR Capital is launching a $5 billion fund to invest in global technology companies, counting on huge demand at home to create economies of scale in pharmaceuticals, energy saving and mobile phone technology.

Little known GSR Capital shot into the limelight in April when it teamed up with other investors to buy Philips's lighting component unit for $2.8 billion, trumping marquee buyout firms, including a joint offer by KKR & Co and CVC Capital and a separate one from Bain Capital. (Reuters)

Facebook to scale up free mobile Internet service to boost usage: Facebook plans to scale up its service to offer free basic Internet on mobile phones, an executive said, after introducing the application in 17 developing countries over the past year.

In a blog post released to mark the first year of the initiative, Facebook said it will open a portal allowing any mobile operator to offer the service under its platform. Facebook currently partners with specific operators to launch the service in different countries. (Times Live)

Google carries in-depth study on interstitial screens: According to a recent study, an overwhelming majority of mobile users get annoyed when faced with interstitial screens. This has led to a Google coming up with its own study on the matter of interstitial screens which appear just before a website, prompting the user to buy a particular product of service.

The search giant recently published its findings on its official blog, which revealed that almost 69% or two-thirds of visitors that were served by an annoying interstitial page for the Google+ social service clicked out of it almost immediately. The research also showed that those visitors neither visited the website nor did they download the app or other service. (Technogigs)

Samsung introduces monitors with wireless charging for mobiles: Samsung has developed a new monitor called SE370 with built-in wireless charging for mobile phones. According to the Verge, the phone must support the Qi wireless charging standard for charging of mobile phones. The monitors are available in 23.6 and 27-inch variants in the 1920 x 1080 resolution. (Business Standard)

Google to block dev access to autocomplete API on August 10: Google has recently announced that starting from the 10th of August, they will be blocking the use of the autocomplete API, which for those unfamiliar is where a search query is predicted before a user has finished typing it up.

According to Google, "Over time we've realized that while we can conceive of uses for an autocomplete data feed outside of search results that may be valuable, overall the content of our automatic completions are optimized and intended to be used in conjunction with web search results, and outside of the context of a web search don't provide a meaningful user benefit." (Ubergizmo)