Startups founder Akshat Mittal launches second venture

27 Jul, 2016

Akshat Mittal, whose ride-sharing website was acquired by earlier this year, is back with his second venture called

The 14-year-old student of Amity International School in Noida had started in December 2015 and sold  it for an undisclosed amount in April.

After the deal, Mittal had said in an interview with VCCTV that he planned to launch a second venture.

Mittal launched, a social venture, after getting selected as an "Ashoka Youth Change Maker" by Ashoka Innovators for the Public.

"When I was selected as an 'Ashoka Youth Change Maker' for, I was already thinking about the next challenge – how to initiate social change in India. I noticed there was no single repository where citizens could list all the issues they faced on a daily basis," he said.

"This was when the thought of creating a platform which brought together people who want change and those who are eager to bring the change came to my mind. Our mission is to get close to around 1 million citizens and changemakers on board across the nation," he added. is a web platform for Indian citizens to list their problems. It also allows them to register as changemakers and actively contribute in resolving social grievances through collaborative efforts.

The platform has about 1,000 citizens registered on its network. It lists problems related to issues such as electricity, poor health, traffic, hunger and child labour.

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