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Watch: How tech has helped iD speed up delivery of perishable foods

For a startup that offers perishable foods in the packaged format, the biggest challenge for iD Fresh Food is ensuring that its idli-dosa batter and parathas reach the plates of consumers before the expiry date.

Most of the Bengaluru-based food startup’s products have a shelf life of between three and seven days. The company’s task got more challenging recently when it launched a range of organic products, which need to be consumed even sooner than its existing offerings.

Even so, only 3% of iD’s products go to waste on a daily basis. This number stood at 25% a few years ago and was brought down thanks to technology, which has helped iD boost its revenues and become among the few to taste success in its category.

“iD runs on IT, and technology plays a crucial role in the company’s backend processes,” said Mustafa PC, co-founder and chief executive officer of iD Fresh Food.

In an interaction with TechCircle, Musthafa spoke about building a supply chain with technology at its core and tackling the complexities of last-mile delivery.