Cyberattacks up 26% in Q3 2019: Subex

Cyberattacks up 26% in Q3 2019: Subex
Photo Credit: Pexels
14 Nov, 2019

Cyberattacks have  increased 26% over the past few months , says Bengaluru-based telecom analytics firm Subex.

Mumbai, New Delhi and Bengaluru are attracting the maximum number of cyberattacks. These three cities together accounted for roughly 38 % of all attacks registered, the survey revealed. 

The survey found that 36% of malware detected could be traced to sources on the dark web while about 14 % of malware could not be traced.

Smart cities, financial services, and transportation sectors lead the sectoral rankings in terms of cyberattacks, according to Subex’s state of internet of things (IoT) security report India for Q3 2019.

The study also said that independent hackers are increasingly feeling the need to monetise cyberattacks as the unit cost of malware has risen in the last quarter. 

“As the digital footprint of India increases through capital intensive projects, hackers are targeting data and large scale disruption like never before. The increase in cyberattacks against the country and the strong geopolitical correlation indicate high levels of interest in targeting our critical infrastructure,” said Vinod Kumar, managing director and CEO, Subex.

In August, a report by Subex had revealed that attacks in the internet of things (IoT) devices rose 22% in just one quarter with many IoT projects being targeted in the beginning stages.