AI, engineering design and cybersecurity top priorities for organisations: AVEVA

AI, engineering design and cybersecurity top priorities for organisations: AVEVA
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29 Jan, 2020

AI (artificial intelligence), engineering design and cyber security are priorities for organisations globally, according to a survey by engineering and industrial software provider AVEVA.

According to Cambridgeshire, UK-based AVEVA, there is a strong demand from industries and markets to implement technologies such as AI and data visualisation to make sense of vast data streams in real-time, with 75% of respondents prioritising investments in AI and analytics.

“As digital transformation moves to the forefront of the industrial agenda, the power of technology to unify data and break silos is allowing specialists to collaborate and change business models,” Lisa Johnston, the company's CMO, said.

The survey, which identified the key investment drivers for digital transformation, was conducted with 1,240 decision-makers in ten countries in EMEA ( Europe, Middle East and Africa), North America and APAC (Asia Pacific) across nine industry verticals.

“The world’s most capital-intensive projects, from sustainable energy production and mining to smart factories and connected cities are now being designed, planned and delivered by global multidisciplinary teams all connected seamlessly through technology," Johnston added.

The research identified a strong demand for technologies that provide predictive outputs from large data flows, with 75% responded saying AI and analytics are the most important enablers. About two-thirds of those surveyed said that real-time data visualisation was an important enabler, followed by three-fifths picking augmented, virtual or mixed reality, and a little less than three-fifth of the surveyed population choosing big data processing.

AI was a top three enabler across all industries globally, with the greatest importance assigned in power and utilities (81%) and oil and gas (78-79%).

Japan (88%) and China (84%) prioritised AI the most, with the UK and US  following closely behind with a little over three-fourths of the surveyed members picking AI.

Advanced process and engineering design with 74% was the second most important technology after AI and analytics. 

Japan with 85% and Germany with 82% indicate that they are the early adopters with high importance attributed across all regions.

Cybersecurity, with 71%, was the third largest influencer. Improving safety and security through technology investment was a priority across all regions, with the Middle East (68%), Australia (63%) and India (60%) highlighting this issue. 

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