Watch: Narsimha Rao on Infosys’ bid to corner a share of the $1.5 tn digital transformation market

9 Mar, 2020

Even up until two years ago, information technology (IT) services firms were seen as slow to respond to new emerging technologies that were becoming essential to address their customers’ digital transformation requirements. However, following the massive reskilling at these firms and embracing the cloud, such firms may now be considered at the forefront of the global digital transformation wave underway at enterprises, large and small.

Bengaluru headquartered Infosys, the country’s second largest IT services exporter by revenues, is one of the homegrown firms that has turned the corner with respect to the  digital transformation wave.

The company’s faster growth rate over the past couple of years has been helped by the robust growth of its digital services, aided by cloud technology. The company is looking to capture a large share of the $1.5 trillion cloud opportunity for the services players over the next few years.

While there has been a fragmentation of technology providers in the last decade, this has increased the role of system integrators such as Infosys to make the transformation seamless as large enterprises struggle with multiple cloud platforms and providers, says Narsimha Rao, the executive vice president and head for cloud infrastructure and security solutions, in a conversation with TechCircle.

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Rao, who is also the head of Infosys Validation Solutions, says that enterprises need to ask what is the outcome they are expecting while starting a digital transformation journey, which will help to streamline the efforts of both companies.