Adivid launches e-pass system for essentials during Covid-19 lockdown

Adivid launches e-pass system for essentials during Covid-19 lockdown
A representative image from a software solutions training session  |  Photo Credit: Adivid Technologies
31 Mar, 2020

Software as a service (SaaS) provider  Adivid Technologies has launched an e-pass system for passes that must be carried by individuals directly involved in the movement of essential goods during the Covid-19 lockdown.

The system is currently in use by Maharashtra Police and is available to other state police departments, information technology (IT) services major Tata Consultancy Services said in a statement on Monday.

Adivid is a startup incubated at Digital Impact Square, a TCS Foundation initiative.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced a nationwide lockdown for 21 days in an effort to reduce the spread of the pandemic in the country. Covid-19 or Corona Virus Disease-2019 has infected 1,251 individuals in India and has claimed 32 lives, as of Monday night.

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"Following Tata's group philosophy of giving back to society, we are making the e-pass system available for free to all police departments and corporations across the country, " Kovid Sawla, co-founder and CEO at Adivid said, according to a statement.

The vehicle e-pass system ensures that essential and authorised services work smoothly during the lockdown period. It provides a simple mechanism for getting permission digitally from police or other authorities, the statement added.

Essential services organisations such as the ones catering to the medical and food supply chain of the country can apply for e-pass through an online form, eliminating the need to physically visit a police station or traffic branch.

The e-pass consists of details of name, vehicle number, validity date, and a Quick Response (QR) code. On scanning QR code, police personnel on the ground can verify the details.

Founded in 2017, Nashik-based Adivid has been using its Third I platform to help police departments enhance policing in cities using data analytics, data visualisation and artificial intelligence.

Separately, home security management startup MyGate has partnered with Karnataka State Police (KSP) to issue e-passes for delivery executives of ecommerce companies in Bengaluru during the lockdown.

Last week, Gurugram-based artificial intelligence startup Staqu Technologies partnered with the Punjab Police department to ease the application and approval process of curfew passes.