Corner Office Conversations with Sharad Sanghi, CEO- NTT India Ltd- Part 2

Corner Office Conversations with Sharad Sanghi, CEO- NTT India Ltd- Part 2
6 May, 2021

In the previous episode with Sharad Sanghi, CEO- NTT India Ltd., we discussed his initial stages of professional development, his journey working in US followed by India in the data centre business, making internet available for enterprises and his 10 commandments in leadership.

As we move to the second part of the discussion with Sharad Sanghi, we get to know how NTT became the chosen one amongst many organizations when he decided to merge his business and make it public. The common culture fit between the companies was what implied him towards NTT. 

He talks about the growing years when the company’s interest was in constantly communicating and retaining the current employees and give them more chances based on cultural fit rather than hire from outside. 

Sharad has been in the leadership position for almost a decade now. His continuation comes with the fact that his ideas and innovations were welcomed with open arms. The global team of NTT works with India team with a lot of compliance and shared understanding which gives him the confidence to create new products and services and scale them across the world. 

He feels that he is an entrepreneur while being a leader at NTT because of the freedom he is given at NTT. Which is why he’s able to ideate better and receives continuous support. 

Watch him while he speaks his mind, his experiences and motivation to stand intact with his organization all this time.

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