Nokia,Vi achieve 9.85 Gbps bandwidth on E-band MW 5G network during trial

Nokia,Vi achieve 9.85 Gbps bandwidth on E-band MW 5G network during trial
Photo Credit: 123RF.com
3 Nov, 2021

Nokia and Vodafone Idea have announced that its 5G trials have achieved 9.85 Gigabit per second bandwidth on wireless backhaul network on the E-band microwave spectrum.  

The key take away from the 5G trial conducted by Vi in association with Nokia is its achievement of fiber quality internet bandwidth.  

The same should prove beneficial in regions where deploying wired, fiber internet lines can prove to be a difficult task due to remote terrains or other related factors. 

Earlier this month, Vi announced that it had partnered with two Indian startups that were previously announced as winners of the IMC 2020 5G hackathon organised by the DoT.  

The trial programme with the two startups tested the use of 5G in services such as streaming live data streams from drones in aerial traffic management, as well as in operation of aerobridges through management servers.  

The trial phase also included enabling real-time motion capture technology to collect data and analyse data sets for training professional athletes. 

The E-band MW band is billed as a key 5G transmission solution on the 80GHz spectrum.  

E-band for 5G is also tipped to offer affordable and more accessible ways for operators to deploy 5G solutions, which in turn is reportedly more cost effective in comparison to operating 5G services in more mainstream spectrum. 

The latest trial by Nokia and Vi is being billed as a way for the operator to deploy 5G services in India, as soon as the official go-ahead for rolling out commercial 5G services is issued.  

5G technologies are being billed to offer advantages in industrial sectors, in order to enable specific use cases. These include services such as live data streams from video feeds, which can enable real time analytics in sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, aviation and other industrial applications. 

Vi has already stated that it is working with multiple OEM partners to test a wide range of 5G services through its network, and its partnership with Nokia for E-band MW 5G is one of the partnerships that it is presently undertaking as part of 5G trials in India.