6 benefits of virtual workspace you should know

6 benefits of virtual workspace you should know

We are living in a world where trends evolve rapidly giving birth to new concepts of making businesses prosper and flourish. One such concept is that of a virtual workspace. A virtual workspace benefits everyone who favours a cost-effective, flexible, and convenient business environment.

A virtual office is a current answer to the startup workspace issue. It is a cohesive work atmosphere which gives you a corporate presence and total accessibility to the merits of a real workspace, all without requiring a physical office. That’s the reason we have seen massive growth in virtual workspaces in recent times. A report shows that the number of digital nomads has tripled over the last few years in the US. In 2018, there were only 4.8 million digital nomads in America, which rose to 15.5 million in 2021.

Virtual workspaces make employee interaction possible through a variety of portable communication devices, including email, audio/video calling, voice mail, etc. A virtual company uses these tools to drastically minimise the degree of office hours for every employee. A sound virtual office plan substitutes the numerous work areas with the provision of a unified productivity hub to be utilised by the staff for official purposes.


Wurkr is one such platform that creates a virtual office where teams gather, collaborate spontaneously, and it also helps you in cultivating a hybrid and remote work environment. It is also integrated with some of google's important applications and slack for smooth office communication.

Knowing about what it means, now we will head on to discuss the virtual office benefits:

Superior versatility and flexibility


A virtual office provides a tremendous amount of flexibility at work as it allows the employees to work from anywhere, anytime.

It is proven that when the employees are given the independence to work in their own set time frame, it increases their productivity and engagement in their work. Employees view the freedom of work at their convenience as a privilege from their organisation.

Hence, a virtual office benefits in the sense that it improves the employees’ attitude towards their work, thereby increasing turnover.


Economical way of working

The cost-efficiency of a virtual office plan is what makes it so popular in this digitalized era. A virtual workspace saves a lot on cost as it does not comply with the establishment of a physical workplace.

Having a virtual workspace helps you save a lot on extra charges like rent, office bills and other maintenance charges. As a result, the organisation can focus their resources on the most important aspect of their business- investment in potential fields and reaping good returns.


Similarly, on the part of the employees, being a part of a virtual workspace helps them to save on their commuting costs and spare time for their families and themselves too.

Abundant Global Expertise in Your Disposal

If you want to reap the benefit of accessing global talent, an organisation must create a virtual office.


When you virtualize your workspace, you are increasing the attractiveness of your company globally. The employees are attracted to jobs which allow them to function in their own place. In this sense, a virtual office plan will bring global talent to your disposal.

Also, if your business is growing and you need to hire more employees, but you cannot crowd them into the existing physical workplace, shifting to a virtual office will benefit you. This will save you from shifting or relocating to a larger workplace.

You can hire as many employees as possible you want in a hassle-free manner to suit your needs by transforming into a virtual company. According to Annil Chandel, CEO & Co-founder of Wurkr Ltd, a UK-based virtual workspace software company, “Wurkr’s employees work remotely across four continents and we have successfully managed to build a positive and healthy remote culture in the organization. It’s because of the wurkr platform that has smoothened the culture of work from home.”


Makes a corporate impact

Your brand will continue to project a respectable, expert, and lawful corporate reputation if you have a virtual office with a distinguished address.

Having a proper work location and workplace contact information will ensure that your company’s reputation is reliable, authentic, and genuine.

Moreover, having a virtual workplace in a prominent area will fantastically improve the impression of your business. Hence, a virtual office benefits your company by posing a sound corporate impact.

No protracted liabilities

Traditional office spaces require a lot of paperwork, including rent and lease contracts. On the contrary, shifting to the creation of a virtual mode of the workspace will help you free from contractual problems.

This is so because a virtual office does not require any contract and they are offered monthly. Hence, the option of quitting is available flexibly.

Establishing a workplace on a contractual basis proves to be disadvantageous as one cannot quit the workplace before the completion of the contract. This makes the virtual office a popular choice among entrepreneurs.

Outstanding Business Assistance

The business assistance offered by virtual offices is sometimes disregarded, yet it still has the potential to be very helpful to your company. Your time and effort may be occupied by operations that can be delegated somewhere else, such as answering calls, handling mail, and performing general administration.

Various virtual office software provides solutions included in their virtual office plans to ease your job by allowing you to concentrate on your business’s core processes. By providing such assistance, a virtual office benefits an organisation tremendously.


A virtual office has tons of benefits as it brings all the employees from all over the world to one place virtually. Though, it is also true that it did not work for all the companies. They still have to go through the traditional way of working or shall bring something new to their working model.

Against the odds, the virtual office benefits most companies whose employees work happily from different nations. Wurkr is also playing its role to bring your virtual office experience to the next level.

Wurkr is a company that understands that a remote-first approach is the demand of the post-pandemic revolution. Those who understand the use of virtual workspace benefits felt like a magical experience for them. Wurkr is one of them. It provides virtual workspaces that help you stay connected and build a company culture even when your team members are distributed across the globe. Check out Wurkr’s customisable and flexible virtual work environments for FREE.

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