HP Labs India Releases App For Online Videos

HP Labs India has released the beta version of its 'Personalized Video' application for the public. The application will help users in personalizing their online video experience through user generated channels. The application is currently available free of charge for download at Personalized-video.com.

"At HP Labs, we believe that video will dominate the Internet in India primarily due to the ease with which content in local languages can be accessed. We are piloting the personalized video application to understand user preferences and also receive feedback for future enhancements," said Sudhir Dixit, Director of HP Labs India.

The application allows users to create new channels by providing topics/keywords. The application also adapts according to the user's preferences and the user can view a continuous stream of videos without starting each video individually. There is also a 'suggestions' channel where videos are recommended based on the user click-troughs in the user defined channels.

Additionally the application also allows the creation of a special channel that can be used by third parties to push video content to a user.

According to Krishnan Ramanathan, Senior Research Scientist, HP Labs India, "The number of videos available online runs in the order of billions and this can be overwhelming for the average user. We have designed the application to deliver a personalized experience through user defined channels that deliver relevant videos based on user supplied topics."

The users can find web pages related to videos they are watching and an annotation option allows users to mark certain positions in the timeline of a video for reference and/or future viewing. The users can also share videos with friends on Facebook and Twitter with the help of the application.