GETIT Partners Shorthand Mobile To Launch Classifieds SMS App

GETIT Infoservices Pvt Ltd, which offers online classifieds, has launched its new GETIT SMS App, in collaboration with California-based Shorthand Mobile, Inc.

Shorthand's SMS browser allows local search for users of low-end handsets without GPRS connections. The GETIT SMS app will offers access to GETIT's local search and classifieds listings under various categories such as restaurants, auto, finance, health, education, furniture, packers and movers and many other categories.

"We are working on broad basing our search media in the hands of customers so that they can access local information not only through conventional media like online, but also leveraging the ubiquity of SMS," said Sidharth Gupta, CEO, GETIT Infoservices.

Shorthand's mobile browser gives mass-market mobile users access to internet content without paying for data. The SMS apps allows users to seamlessly scroll-and-click to access targeted information, content and services and eliminates the need to memorize short-codes and complex keywords when accessing SMS services. The browser currently offers access to services such as Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Google, Naukri, etc. Recently, Shorthand also partnered with Times Internet to offer Indiatimes Insta SMS Browser, which offers value added services such as cricket, news, astrology and dating SMSs.

"With the GETIT SMS App and other SMS Apps all within the Shorthand SMS Browser, our goal is to unlock mobile apps for everyone in India, enabling mobile access to everything from locating a local furniture store, restaurant or movie theatre to updating your status on Facebook, easily and in an affordable manner," said Raj Oswal, director, business development, Shorthand India.