Google Talk To Provide Better Quality Video Chats For Tablets


Google Talk will now provide smoother and better quality video during video chats due to a 2D video software developed by SRI international, a non-profit research and development organization. The new software will be embedded with Google Talk and it is only meant only for tablets that are running Android 3.0 or higher, according to The Mobile Indian.

This functioning of the software is simple. The application first captures video with the front-facing camera of the tablet and once an image is captured, it is compressed before being transmitted.

Normally, in the video compression process, the bandwidth used to encode the video increases with the amount of movement in the scene. But the software from SRI stabilizes the video before the compression process starts and hence enables the compression algorithm to improve the image quality by making use of fewer bits to encode the video.


"Google has selected SRI technology for stabilising video chats and conferences on Google Talk, making video conversations with a stable picture an anytime, anywhere experience for tablet users," said Norman Winarsky, vice president, SRI Ventures.

However, we will have to wait and see whether the 2D video stabilization software also fits for smaller devices, because mobile phones have a higher need of video stabilization since their portability is much more than of a tablet.

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