What Games Are We Playing Now?

Enough with all the serious talk on funding, monetization strategies, IP etc. – we all are associated with this industry because games are fun at the end of the day! And no gaming event can be complete without getting into our favourite games!

So do RPGs beat all other genres hollow, is skill gaming the best way to earn moolah while having fun, and is the PC gamer now consigned to the Recycle Bin of gaming?

Talking about games people play will be our final panel for the day –Time to put our game faces on…

Last minute change in panel so there is Deepak from Indiagames, Harsh from Dream11 and a gentleman from Digital Chocolate

So what are Indians playing now?

On mobile Deepak says it is action, racing, and cricket – no surprises there!

Harsh Jain believes niche genres like Fantasy cricket are coming into their fore as people understand what this genre is about.

Digital Chocolate brings an international perspective to things and they believe casual games are the way to go.

Deepak is another one who thinks the localization angle is "overhyped" and thinks that mobile games are very different from online PC games and the content does not translate.

Would a Munni Badnam game work for example "the panel thinks no!

Harsh says he has players from all the cricket playing countries not just India so maybe he is the one person in the event with a global reach!

It's been a long day folks and it's time to bring things to a close so happy gaming and see you folks next time at a gaming event organized by VC circle!

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