Microsoft's New Range Of Hardware Offerings

Microsoft has announced the launch of a new range of hardware offerings that include LifeCam HD 3000 (a webcam), Wireless Desktop 2000 (a keyboard) and an Express Mouse.

Priced at Rs 1710, Microsoft's LifeCam HD 3000 records high definition videos at 720p, has 16:9 widescreen cinematic recording and Microsoft's patent True Color technology which the company claims delivers bright and colourful video in almost all lighting conditions. Also the webcam is fully integrated with Windows Live.

The Wireless Desktop 2000 is priced at Rs.1650 and has Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) in the keyboard that helps protect the personal and business information of the user against credit card theft. The keyboard comes with a pillow-textured palm rest for support and comfort and a wireless mouse that features four-way scrolling and Blue Track technology.

Microsoft Express Mouse comes with Microsoft's patent Blue Track technology and is available for a price of Rs 675. It is a wired mouse and it comes in dahila pink colour. Earlier this year, the company had launched a mouse called Arc Touch Mouse.

Satish Parreddi, Senior Category Manager Microsoft Hardware India said, "With an exciting array of products lined up and ready for launch, this year will be the biggest for Microsoft Hardware in India."

The products will be available at 4200 retail outlets (LFR and fragmented stores) in 110 cities across India and are backed by a 3 year warranty. Customers can also log on to Microsoft Store to purchase the products online.

Although the products are compatible with both desktops and laptops, they are generally bundled with only desktops. Also, with the shift in focus of consumers towards laptops and the growing popularity of tablets in the recent times, the actual acceptability of such hardware offerings are uncertain.