YouTube Enables Video Editing For Uploaded Videos

Always worried about how the uploaded video will turn out on YouTube? Rest easy, the online video sharing site has added video editing for videos uploaded on the site. The new editing functions will allow users to make changes to their uploads to polish them.

According to the company, users can either choose to enhance their existing videos while maintaining the video's ID, or save a new copy by creating an entirely new video with their edits (through save as). Saving changes on their video will allow them to apply Quick Fixes and Effects while retaining their video's unique URL, view count, comments, etc.

Here's a look at the video editor

To gain access to YouTube Video Editing, users will first have to Log in to their YouTube account and then go to their 'My Videos' page. Once there, all they have to do is click on the 'Edit video' option given on the right side of the video they want to edit. Users can choose to trim their videos, reduce camera shakes by stabilizing the videos or add an effect to it like turning it into a black and white. They can also rotate the video, adjust the brightness level and change the colour intensity and temperature.

In addition to enhancing the video, users can also use the audio tab to change the existing soundtrack of their video with a new one. Once they click on 'Get recommended tracks', YouTube provides then with a set of track recommendations automatically. If they are not happy with the recommendations, users can also opt for manually searching for available tracks.

If confused about what to do, users can also click on the 'I'm feeling lucky' button. Once clicked, YouTube will automatically make changes (as per its understanding) to the videos in order to enhance them.

The editor also has an option of reverting back to the original video, hence users can experiment all they want without worrying about the original video. Also, all existing links to the video still work so there is no need to upload the videos again.

The catch?

According to YouTube, in order to be eligible for saving changes on videos through YouTube Video Editing, the video must not have received over 1,000 views and they should not have a CYC claim. If any video does not meet these conditions, users will not be able to save changes made to their videos, although they can choose to create a new video by clicking on 'Save As'. The new video (with a new video URL) will have all the changes made to the original one.