Adiquity Launches Real Time Bidding Exchange for Mobile Ads


Adiquity, a part of Guruji.com (a venture funded company based in Bangalore, India) has launched its Real Time Bidding (RTB) exchange for mobile ads. RTB has already grown a lot in the online display industry and is expected to replicate a similar success in the mobile advertising space too. Although other western countries already have mobile RTB exchanges, this is the first such initiative in Asia.

The company's RTB platform's capabilities enable it to take auction based decisions and allow media buyers to bid in real time (through RTB bidders) for precise and defined individual ad impressions that lead to better return on investment (ROI). The company claims that the auction based approach combined with richer sharing of data will allow mobile publishers get the best revenue realisation from their mobile traffic.

Adiquity's global mobile ads platform works for the mobile publishers/developers and applies real time optimisation on global ad inventory (accessible through its ad network partners). As of now, the company transacts more than 7 billion ads per month across 1200+ publishers and 220+ countries from APAC, US, Europe and Africa. Its RTB platform is based on the Open RTB protocol and allows a range of participants both on demand and supply side for both mobile web and mobile app inventory.


"Adiquity RTB exchange combined with the optimization platform offers a compelling proposition for publishers and media buyers across the spectrum" said Anurag Dod, CEO, Guruji.com.

Guruji.com Software Pvt. Ltd, which began as a local search engine Guruji.com and then attempted a music search (which it had to shut down), had first forayed into mobile advertising by launching Adiquity in April this year. Other Ad networks in India include Jivox, Vdopia, Smile Group's Tyroo, Networkplay, Media Estate, IndiAds and AdsForIndians.