Google Translate iPhone App Updated With 5 More Indic Languages

10 Nov, 2011

Google has updated Google Translate for iPhone app adding five more new Indic languages, according to the Official Google India Blog.

The new languages are Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu.

In June, Google added these five Indic languages for Google Translate on the desktop and mobile web app. At that time they were at the experimental stage and now they have updated it for iPhone app.

The updated app supports the ability to view dictionary results for single words and to display romanizations for these languages. So even if one cannot read the script the words are written in, one can still take a shot at reading the translation.

Google Translate for iPhone now supports text translation among 63 languages, voice input in 17 of those languages, and text-to-speech in 24 of them.

Google has cautioned however that since these are still experimental alpha languages, one can expect translations to be less fluent and include many more untranslated words than some of its more mature languages—like Spanish or Chinese—which have much more parallel data to power its statistical machine translation approach.