What Were You Looking For in 2011: Top Google & Yahoo Searches!

The year 2011 is about to come to an end and what a year it has been. It has had its highs (India won the cricket world cup for the second time besides some really interesting things happening at the business end of Internet in India) and lows (the Mumbai bomb blasts) but on the whole it has been a roller-coaster ride. Let us have a look at what were the most searched for topics/people/etc on Google and Yahoo in India.


The Facebook phenomenon has gripped the entire world and India was no different, the social networking site was the most searched for on Google in India (cheeky! considering Google+ is pitched against Facebook), followed by video sharing site Youtube and Gmail (so Google made up for it to some extent).

The Indian railways online ticketing site and the free of cost mobile messaging site Way2sms were also among the top 10 searches on Google.

Bollywood continued to rule the roost and dare we say our minds since 5 out of 10 people in the top 10 list being Bollywood actors. Bollywood starlet Katrina Kaif was the most searched for person in 2011 followed by social activist Anna Hazare and Bollywood actor Salman Khan.  The list also included two international personalities, the deceased Apple CEO Steve Jobs and singer Justin Bieber while evergreen cricketer Sachin Tendulkar also made it to the top people search list.

Bollywood films Bodygaurd and Ra One were the most searched for movies and there were two international entries also in the form of Harry Potter and Transformers 3.

As usual, cricket was the rage as far as news was concerned with IPL and the cricket World cup 2011 the most sought out news in 2011. Lokpal Bill, CBSE results 2011 and the Aadhar card (the personal identification card for Indians) were other topics of interest, among others, while F1 barely made it to the list, most probably because this was the first time ever that India hosted a F1 race.

Globally, teen sensation Rebecca Black topped the top ten list of fastest growing searches in 2011, followed by Google's very own social networking site Google+. Other people included in the list were deceased actor Ryan Dunn (of the Jack Ass fame), Casey Anthony, a mother charged with the murder of her daughter, deceased Apple CEO Steve Jobs and singer Adele.

The Japanese earthquake and popular game Battlefield 3 were the other inclusions in the list. Also, Apple was the rage since iPad 2, the rumoured but never launched iPhone 5 and Steve Jobs were also among the most searched for on Google.

Here's a table containing the top 10 searches globally for Yahoo and Google.


Social activist Anna Hazare was the most sought out person of the year while Sachin Tendulkar and Katrina Kaif were the sportsperson and celeb of the year.  Also, Lokpal Bill was the most searched for topic of the year  and the cricket World cup was the event of the year.

With the Tablet craze griping the nation, the Samsung Galaxy Tab was the most searched for gadget in 2011 (Apple please take note) while Murder 2 was the most searched for Bollywood movie on Yahoo. Goa was the top searched destination in 2011 and Maruti Swift was the most talked about car of the year.

Globally, iPhone ruled the minds of people while the Japan's earthquake and the American Idol were the other most searched topics. What was interesting is that apart from these three, all the other top searches were people, ranging from Casey Anthony to socialite Kim Kardashian (who some people believe is famous mainly because of her leaked sex tapes) to deceased terrorist Osama Bin Laden.

That is all for now but keep track of this space for Techcircle's exclusive feature on the big technology trends of 2011.

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