Aakash Can Be A Standalone Platform Like iPad: Suneet Singh Tuli, DataWind CEO

16 Jan, 2012

DataWind Ltd, widely known as the maker of world's cheapest Tablet Aakash, is riding high on its initial success. The Tablet device, launched with the aim of doing away with the digital divide in India, has got a 'massive' response, to say the least. The company, which was expecting to sell around 2.5 lakh units a year, is now looking at a steep demand curve – rising to more than 4 lakh units a month.

However, the company has also drawn flak for delayed deliveries and poor customer support (it seems that the toll free number cannot be accessed most of the times). And to top it all, the system is not as fast as other Tablets in the market. But the company is now all set to resolve those issues.

In a candid interview with Techcircle.in, Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO and co-founder of DataWind, discusses how the idea has come up in the first place, how the low-pricing factor has clicked, how the new device can evolve into a standalone platform like Apple's iPad and the company's plans to grow and expand to more mature Tablet markets like the USA and the UK. Tuli also explains that the device has been launched to ensure better mobile Web access and a satisfactory multimedia experience to users. Watch it here.