Location-based Android App TaazzaGO Rebrands Itself As Localbeat; Available On iOS Platforms


Three-year-old Taazza, a location-based service for India, has re-branded its android application TaazzaGO as Localbeat and it has been launched on iOS platforms as well.

The application, which has a GPS-enabled system, allows users to know what is happening around where they stay – be it news, shopping deals and discounts or events. It is currently available in Android Marketplace and Apple iTunes store for free.

The service is already available in 40 cities in India and the company intends to expand its service to another 60  cities soon.


Taazza was set up by Arjun Ram, an alumnus of Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology & Research Academy (SASTRA University). He had previously worked with Bristol Technology, Inc., DaimlerChrysler and Sapient.

"The relaunch is a result of learning from our users on the android platform where we have received over 250 ratings. India is expected to have 450 million smartphones in the next four years and we provide a service which makes a difference to their lives," said Ram, founder and director of Taazza.

The app surfaces content around where the user is at any given moment and provides the ability to drill down into the content that the user is looking for. It also allows reporting issues in the neighbourhood and helps NGOs use the data to make the locality better.


There are over 10 partners who use the location-based marketing platform and are seeing much higher conversion rates on the platform. The new release will also add a few more partners.

As claimed by the company, the app is expected to reach over 100,000 downloads in the next couple of months and more partnerships in the next couple of weeks.

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