Delhi Police Launch Website For Women & Children

22 Feb, 2012

Delhi is not just the national capital, its also the crime capital specially when it comes to women. The local police have on several occasions failed to live up to their promise in treatment of crimes against women. So now Delhi Police has gone ahead and launched a separate website called Special Police Unit Women & Children (SPUWC) to make police more approachable for women and children in distress.

It is basically a resolving/solving/reconciliatory body against matrimonial dispute between couples or two families under the overall supervision and the guidance of joint commissioner of police. It has now presence all over Delhi, in each district, popularly known as CAW Cells to reach out to women in need of help/services of police.

At present the site is in English but to communicate in local languages and reach a larger audience, the website should also be made available in Hindi.

The website will help women in getting all the information about redressal and process of complaint filing at SPUWC.  Any woman experiencing violence, cruelty and dowry demand from husband or in laws, may contact the concerned department in weekdays.

A written application may be given personally at the SPUWC or may be sent through post. The Delhi Police has been looking at various online forums to make themselves more accessible to citizens and this comes in addition to their presence on Facebook and Twitter.

The new website is informative, but we would hope that the response time on complaints is quick to make it a worthwhile effort. Also, how about a mobile app to help women in distress on the go!