33% American Parents Willing To Buy iPad For Their School-going Kids: iYogi Insights

As much as 33 per cent of parents are okay with buying iPads for their kids, according to the findings of a study done by iYogi Insights, a research initiative launched by iYogi, a leading provider of online subscription-based technical support services offered directly to consumers and small businesses. Although this number is just one third of the total number of parents, it still shows that at least that number is ready to shell out $500 for buying an iPad for their children. Additionally, these 33 per cent are also okay with spending $14 per month on iPad downloads like games, music and movies.

The study comes in the wake of Apple venturing into textbooks and highlights that majority of the parents who are willing to buy an iPad for their kids are also okay with their children using the iPad for playing games (82 per cent), reading ebooks (81 per cent) and listening to music (60 per cent). They are also okay with their children spending about 2 hours a day on the iPads doing whatever they like (playing games, downloading apps etc).

"With Apple marketing the use of iPads for kids and education we decided to ask our subscriber base on what they thought. The encouraging results show a significant one third of the parent population give a thumbs up. With the rumoured launch of iPad 3, 2012 will continue to be the year of the iPad," said Vishal Dhar, President Marketing and Co-founder, iYogi,

An interesting finding was that most kids whose parents are willing to buy them an iPad or have already bought them an iPad are doing well at school. And these parents definitely give the nod to their children for using an iPad for schoolwork, in fact, 92 per cent of these parents approve of kids using the iPad for doing their homework. What's more, majority of these parents have even used an iPad to distract their children and keep them out of mischief (talk about the new age nanny).

But the study also indicates that shelling out money is not a concern for the parents anymore since out of the two thirds of parents that don't approve of the iPad, 88 per cent are still okay with spending money on a computer/laptop/notebook for their kids (probably because they see PCs as serious devices while iPads are still considered to be entertainment devices).

iYogi conducted the online survey among its customers through an online survey questionnaire. A total of 2124 respondents took the survey which consisted of nine questions to reveal the attitude of American parents towards buying an iPad for their children and how they would allow them to use it.