Kingfisher Makes Alternative Booking Arrangements After IATA Suspension

9 Mar, 2012

Debt-ridden Kingfisher Airlines is trying to retain its fast-fading customer base in every possible way after the International Air Transport Association (IATA) suspended the company from its platforms on Wednesday for non-clearance of dues.

In an official statement, the Vijay Malaya-led carrier said today that it had made alternative arrangements for customers to book their tickets. Customers can book their tickets via the official website, as well as through select travel agents and network of partners. They can also book and purchase tickets through its ticketing offices across the country and at international locations, and also through its call centres.

According to the statement, all Kingfisher flights will continue to operate normally as per the schedule published on its website.

"This situation has arisen as a consequence of our bank accounts having been frozen by the tax authorities. We are making all possible efforts to remedy this temporary situation," the statement added.