Bangalore Startup Elucido Launches SaaS Learning Platform

13 Mar, 2012

Elucido Media Networks, a platform provider for content delivery related to education and training, has launched Elucido Learning and Collaboration System (ELCS), a SaaS-based solution for education institutes and corporates enabling remote collaboration and delivery besides content management via the Internet.

It has features like built-in comprehensive Content Management System (CMS), basic Learning Management System (LMS) that enables remote connectivity for students or teachers to connect and engage.

"Real time audio, video & content based collaboration, content delivery, instant student assessment and easy integration with popular learning management systems are just some of the features of this platform." said Rajat Rakkhit, co-founder, chairman & CEO of Elucido.

Based out of Bangalore, Elucido Media Networks Pvt Ltd was started by Rakkhit and co-founder Jay Sethuram in 2008 and is backed by Palo Alto-based VC firm Trident Capital.

Rakkhit has been in the semiconductor industry for over 20 years and has held senior executive positions with Cypress Semiconductor, LSI Logic and AMD. Sethuram, on the other hand, is a serial entrepreneur who earlier co-founded and served as CTO of Stratum One and Cerent, and has served in senior level positions at companies like Cisco, NEC, Intel and Bell Labs.