After Selling P2P Messaging Portal, SMSCountry Launches Online Invitation Site


Hyderabad-based SMSCountry, the firm which founded person-to-person (P2P) messaging portal 160by2 and recently sold it to Way2online Interactive India Pvt Ltd (Way2Online) for an undisclosed amount, has launched a new venture under 360invite.com, an Indian website in the business of sending online invitations.

There are already several international sites engaged in a similar domain aiming to make the process of inviting guests to any event easier and more convenient in comparison to the traditional print cards.

The new service allows its users to choose from various available options to invite guests to their parties or events. The event could be as small as a birthday party and as big as a wedding, wherein users can send invites in the form of voice messages- users can choose to record messages in their own voice or choose from existing recordings (although when we tried we couldn't access the existing recordings); SMS invitations (which can be customized) and email (also customizable) and Facebook invitations.


Other features offered under the service includes easy updates- users can change event details and their guests are updated instantly; plan better- users can see who's coming and who's not; and address book- users can keep their contacts organized.

As of now, the website is only offering a free service (launched during the weekend) and it allows the users to create up to a maximum of two events for 30 days. And for each invite, users can send 50 SMS, 50 Voice SMS and 100 email messages.

The company is still working on creating pricing plans for users who wish to send more messages than the limits in the free plan but in the meanwhile, if a user wants to send more messages, they can also contact the company directly.