How LoginRadius Differs From Others In Syncing Social Network Login With Any Website

22 Mar, 2012

Nya Concepts Inc., a Canadian technology startup co-founded by two entrepreneurs of Indian origin Rakesh Soni and Deepak Gupta, is planning to launch its flagship product LoginRadius in public beta phase soon.

LoginRadius is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows users to register and log into third party websites via popular OpenIDs/Authentications such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, among others. All ID providers are integrated to a client website via LoginRadius, thus enabling social login.

In layman terms, LoginRadius enables Internet users to log into a website using their existing accounts on Facebook, Google, etc. without having to fill out registration forms, verifying email addresses and creating and memorize new usernames and passwords every time (a big pain point for Internet users).

Launched in mid-2011, LoginRadius has already received requests from over 10,000 businesses worldwide, according to Soni. The LoginRadius service is currently available in private beta phase.

The startup competes with the likes of California-based Gigya Inc. and Portland-based Janrain Inc. (both privately held companies), among others.

But why would anyone prefer LoginRadius over these companies?

"Our basic solution is free and we providing our services in multiple languages. Also, users can use our plug-ins for several open source systems or SDKs for various technologies," said Soni.

LoginRadius is web platform agnostic and is currently offering add-ons for WordPress, Joomla, Drupta, osCommerce, PrestaShop and DotNetNuke. It also has SDKs for PHP, .NET, Java and Python and additionally one can also develop own add-on and SDKs. The company offers a number of free as well as paid 'advance features' for its clients, although the revenue is generated from the paid advanced features.

According to Soni, around 20 per cent of the approximately 200 million websites worldwide utilize login functionality, so LoginRadius has a potential market size of 40 million websites.

The startup is self-funded but it is planning to raise its first round of funding. As of now, talent acquisition and limited resources remain the company's biggest challenges. In terms of scaling up, the company is increasing its team size in its Canadian and Indian offices and is also planning to extend its presence to USA, Europe and Asia. The company is also working to bring social solutions such as social login, social sharing, social analytics, social commenting, etc. under a single umbrella and offering.

You can check out how the service works here.