After Junglee.com Amazon Scripting Cloud Services For India; What Can You Expect

23 Mar, 2012

After launching its first e-commerce property in India Junglee.com ( an online shopping search service), the world's largest online retailer looks set to roll out another service. Amazon could soon roll out its cloud storage services in India.

Apparently, the Internet giant has been building its tech infrastructure for the launch (could be within a year) of its cloud services and has leased infrastructure from Tata Communications for the same, according to CloudPro.

This is not as exciting as Amazon launching its full fledged e-commerce site which would happen under amazon.in (more on that here. But would be among the big moves in expanding its bouquet of services in India.

What this could mean?

As of now not many Indian companies are offering public cloud services. The public cloud services entails the access to the data stored mainly via Internet and thus will sync in perfectly with today's age of connectivity via smartphones, tablets, laptops etc.

We checked the parent site, Amazon Web Services offers 5GB of free storage space through Amazon Cloud Drive. In this service, which is targeted at common users, if you have an Amazon account you can use 5GB of free storage and then there are differently priced plans for upgraded storage requirements.

According to Amazon, "The 5 GB free storage plan is available to all Amazon.com customers; however, additional upgrades to the storage plan are currently unavailable in the following countries". It goes on to list around 27 countries all European.

However, when we tried (sitting in India), we could not upload anything on our personal cloud drive(even for the free 5 GB limit).

But, we expect the big move from Amazon to come in enterprise cloud computing market. The services to be offered could range from Saas (Software-as-a-Service), Paas (Platform-as-a-Service) to IaaS (Infratsructure-as-a-Service) or private cloud offerings. The big players in that segment include Tata Communications(yes!), IBM, NetMagic, Microsoft among others.

The key for Amazon here would be pricing it correctly and thus winning over consumers. Keep watching this space as we find out more about the same and update.