Angry Birds & Pigs Go To Space; New Game Crosses 10M Downloads In Just 3 Days

27 Mar, 2012

Angry Birds Space, the latest game from Rovio Entertainment Ltd has crossed the 10 million downloads mark in just three days since its launch. The news was first flashed on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The new game was announced from the International Space Station (ISS) by NASA astronaut Don Petit (which is a pretty big thing in itself) and the fact that the game has already achieved so much success only verifies Rovio's claim that "It's one small step for birds, one giant leap for birdkind".

The name in itself is enough to describe the new game; Angry Birds Space literally takes the birds to outer space where they kick some green pig butt in 'zero-gravity' conditions. Also, because of the altered playing conditions, the gameplay has also changed a lot (ranging from slow-motion puzzles to lightspeed destruction).

According to the game description, the storyline of the new game is, "After a giant claw kidnaps their eggs, the Angry Birds chase it into a wormhole and find themselves floating in a strange new galaxy – surrounded by space pigs! Luckily the Angry Birds have super powers of their own..."

The existing birds have all been jazzed up and have new superpowers and there are also a couple of new birds that have been added, like the Space Eagle and the Ice Bird. The game feature 60 interstellar levels on planets and in zero gravity and it also offers 'Danger Zone' in the form of an in-app purchase.

As of now, the game is available on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows PC but unfortunately not on Windows Phone (better luck next time Nokia). We guess they will eventually make it available on Windows Phone but remember how much time it took RIM to make it available for its Playbook Tablets.

Here's an introductory video of the game.

The price of the game also varies according to the platform, for PC it's $5.95, $4.99 for Mac, $0.99 for iOS and for Android there is both a free and a paid version that costs Rs 153.

The company had brought the original Angry Birds on the social networking site Facebook this year on Valentine's Day and is planning an initial public offering on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2013 according to various media reports. The company also entered the into the baby products market in mid 2011.