Deep Kalra, Alok Mittal & Rajiv Vij-funded Startup Unveils Maiden Multimedia Programme

11 Apr, 2012

Global Travel & Hospitality Education Network (GlobalTHEN), a startup focused on the tourism and hospitality industry has launched its flagship product- Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya. It is basically an interactive training program for drivers that is designed to inculcate soft skills, customer service etc.

The product is targeted at hotels, airlines, destination management companies, travel agencies, cab rental services (to MNCs) and private car owners.

Ram Badrinathan, founder and CEO, GlobalTHEN, said, "Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya aims at filling the void between what is expected of drivers and what they are currently achieving. This module uses a mythical character called Pawan (the ultimate driver) to teach chauffeurs everything they need to know."

The company had received Rs 1.8 crore in an angel round in April, 2011 from big names like Deep Kalra (founder and CEO of MakeMyTrip), Alok Mittal (MD, Canaan India), Rajiv Vij (CEO of Carzonrent), Philip Wolf (chairman of PhoCusWright), Peter Harbison (executive chairman, Center for Asia Pacific Aviation), Cameron Jones (VP- Commercial, SilverRail Technologies) and Olivier Jager (CEO, Forwardkeys).

It was operating in stealth mode till now.

"The investment has been used to create the learningware IP using OmniDEL platform designed by Sourabh Sarkar for the travel tourism and hospitality industry globally. We are looking to raise a Series A round (which will be much bigger) within the next six months," said Badrinathan.

The course comprises of six sessions, 26 activities, group exercises and a mix of music, drama and poetry sessions. The company has treated the entire module in a cinematic way (complete with dialogue, riddles and songs), in order to keep it interesting and appealing to the drivers and it covers issues like punctuality, knowledge, personal hygiene, safety, vehicle hygiene, maintenance, communication and etiquette.

The company will follow-up Pawan Ko Kahin Dekha Kya with other product launches that include Well Done Shruti (focused on selling skills) and The Care Connection (customer service for the Travel Tourism and Hospitality industry).