Redanar Launches BlackBerry App; Adds Virtual Loyalty Card & Other Features

24 Apr, 2012

One-year-old startup Tacto Software, which has developed the mobile app redanar to help users explore discount offers on credit and debit cards, has launched the BlackBerry app for the product. Earlier, it had launched apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Nokia's Symbian platform users (more on the company here).

The app is free to download and users need to add information about their cards to start exploring all location-based discounts. The firm has also launched a virtual loyalty card under redanar, which one can use 'virtually' and can access all such offers via his/her mobile. However, one must sign up to get the unique card number or need to input the number of his existing loyalty card to his redanar account.

Speaking to Techcircle.in, Devang Shah, founder of Tacto Software, said, "This can act as a mobile loyalty wallet through which one can literally do away with the plastic money and directly scan the bar code from the mobile screen. Hence, it won't really matter if somebody forgets to carry the cards." Redanar has also updated its existing iPhone, iPad and Android apps to accommodate the new mobile loyalty wallet.

Additionally, the look and feel of the redanar app has also been tweaked and a new feature called 'stream' has been added, which allows users an update of all the offers related to the cards at one go, instead of clicking for each card separately. It has also come up with an 'auto sync' feature, which will take away the pain point of loading the card details if one changes the handset. A user will just have to download the app and it will be automatically synced with the stored card information.

The firm has partnered with the loyalty card programmes of Loop Mobile, which launched a loyalty scheme for its mobile users last year (however, the telco is one of the main firms affected by the Supreme Court ruling early this year which would lead to cancellation of its telecom service licence over the next few months). SBI, the country's biggest public sector bank, is also one of its partners. Redanar is also in talks with 6-7 clients in the retail space who are operating across various categories like restaurants, coffee chains, bookshops and shoe stores. Currently, the company has a team of 15 employees and is looking to scale it up by hiring more designers and programmers. Moreover, it is about to close an angel funding round soon.