Wipro launches corporate app on iOS platform; Users can access news, views and 'sports' tool

23 May, 2012

Wipro Technologies, the global IT consulting and outsourcing business of Wipro Ltd, has announced the launch of its first corporate app for the iOS platform. Christened as Wipro Buzz, it is available to all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users.

The app, available free of cost in Apple's iTunes store, allows users to view and share industry researches, expert views, case studies, industry trends and insights. It also provides latest news (we found articles from The Economic Times, The Financial Express, Business Standard, Businessworld and Deccan Herald), as well as Press releases from Wipro. There is also a list of current and past company events and a section dedicated to information about the company.

Wipro Buzz also has a 'Do Business Better' section where the company offers relevant advice to other firms and a sport section (surprised, right?) that has a built-in digital pedometer and a route mapping feature for regular runners. The various sections available in the app include insights, events, newsroom, About Wipro and sports.

"Wipro Buzz will not only keep our customers up to date with information on the company but will also help better integration of our mobile sales and marketing teams," said Suchira Iyer, CMO (IT business), Wipro Ltd.

The look and feel of the app is good and it is easy to navigate. The newsroom section has a refresh button to load new articles, but last we checked, the articles were pretty old (the latest one dated May 13, 2012). Users also have the option of looking at event details (what is it about, date, time, etc) and they can also filter them based on their venues (a map shows the country and the city where the event is taking place). Additionally, the app is integrated with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Like you, we also wondered what a pedometer is doing in a Wipro app but the company clarifies that it is associated with a number of international marathons and hence, a sports feature has been added as it provides details on all Wipro-sponsored marathons. Also, isn't there an old saying that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body? So the company is probably trying to send a message to its employees – start hitting the gyms and lose that extra flab for a life both physically and intellectually active!

Still, we wonder why the company has chosen the iOS platform instead of the Android platform for the app, considering the fact that Android is a more popular and widely used mobile platform. Probably an Android app is also on the cards.