KyaZoonga launches online ticket selling platform for organisers


KyaZoonga, a sports and entertainment ticketing and e-commerce platform has recently launched iTicket, an online platform that allows organisers across the country to sell event tickets.

On iTicket, organisers should visit the events page, put in a brief event description, create tickets, mention price and then start selling tickets, without appointing a full service ticketing agency.

KyaZoonga is providing the organizers with technology backend and a platform in lieu of flat Rs 15 against every ticket sold and 2 per cent of the value of the ticket.


Talking to Techcircle.in, Neetu Bhatia, co-founder & CEO at KyaZoonga said, "This will allow organizers across India, be it small, medium and large to sell tickets through this platform. The organisers will be able to manage and control sale of tickets in a professional manner by utilising iTicket platform, which has the ability to manage an event comprising 10 or even 10,000 or even more than that."

The option to announce future launch dates and start selling tickets later in this platform has also been provided on the platform.  Very soon KyaZoonga will be launching multicurrency options, which will let organizers across the world to use this platform. Bhatia said, "Right now we are in talks with RBI to fix the deal."

The company claims that the platform has started seeing traction without any promotion.  Soon, it will launch a 360 degree marketing campaign comprising TV, radio, outdoor and print in tier-2 and tier 3 cities and a major online push.


KyaZoonga has previously raised an undisclosed Series A funding from an unknown New York based investor in 2007.

The company, which broke even in 2009, has no immediate plans to raise money. "But in order to propel our growth, if capital is needed, we will go ahead to raise it."

KyaZoonga, which has a user base of 3 million users, expects, 60 per cent of its revenue to come from full service ticketing (30 per cent movie ticketing and 30 per cent from live events) and the rest from the e-commerce and iTicket platforms.


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