Piracy is our greatest competitor: Dhingana co-founder & COO Swapnil Shinde

12 Jul, 2012

Social music streaming service for Indian music, Dhingana, which has recently launched an adaptive streaming for users with slower internet connections or data fluctuations, has now partnerships with 300 music labels and intends to add 200 more in the coming months.

This year, its focus will be more on social music discovery and personalisation. For that, Dhingana is making use of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and encouraging people to be registered users (this comes for free) to get more personalised services.

Dhingana is available across all mobile platforms, but the new adaptive streaming service has been first launched on its iOS version, with Android, Nokia Symbian and Blackberry to follow suit soon.  The company claims to have 10.5 million active visitors, with India driving the business. And every user spends an average of 30-35 minutes per session.

Dhingana had raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Inventus Capital Partners and Helion Venture Partners in 2011.

The company claims to have a collection of over 3,50,000 songs across 35 different genres, which are available, legally, for free.

Techcircle.in caught up with co-founder and COO Swapnil Shinde who spoke about how piracy is its greatest competitor, its marketing plans, product development and how Dhingana is not focused on earning revenues right now.