Excl: Bigfoot Retail to launch SmartStore, a SaaS-based platform for brands to set up e-shops


Delhi-based Bigfoot Retail Pvt Ltd will be launching its SaaS-based solution for retailers to set up e-shops. The solution called SmartStore is aimed at helping brands to come online with end-to-end solutions, including providing portal backend, integration of payment gateway, logistics and customer care services.

Founded by Saahil Goel and Gauam Kapoor in 2011, Bigfoot Retail is also looking to link retailers to different marketplaces like Indiatimes shopping, Homeshop18, Tradus through its API so that sales can be generated through that channel as well. Goel, who is also the CEO, worked as business consultant at Kasper Consulting prior to  Bigfoot, whereas Kapoor was business head at JKE Automation.

Though not yet publically launched, Bigfoot already has around 7-8 stores signed up including brands like Da Milano and sports shoe brand Globalite. "The focus basically is to help Indian brands to set up the online business with all the back-end work being taken care of. They will just have to fulfil the orders," said Kapoor, also the COO of Bigfoot Retail. The add-on services for SmartStore are being called as SmartRemit (for payment gateway integration), SmartCall (under which a dedicated call center number and executive is being provided for each store), SmartDelivery (logistics) and SmartSell (SEO, online marketing and promotion solutions). The company might look at offering SmartDelivery as a standalone service in future.


The service basically looks to give brands that are already established in the offline business and don't have the know-how in e-commerce to pay a monthly sum and avail a bundled service package. The charges vary from package to package. The basic package which only gives the portal without value-added services like logistics or payment gateway is free of cost, where. retailers  can display a 20-product catalogue. The paid packages are charged Rs 3,000, Rs 7,000 and Rs 15,000. There also is a 30-day free trial for the Rs 7,000 package.

One of their clients, Globalite, a local sports shoe brand and the first store to go live through SmartStore, said  for offline players, going online is not easy.  "They had a one-point solution for us and were understanding of our needs. Going online is not as easy for brick-and-mortar stores because of lack of the technical know-how," said Lalit Kishore, CEO, Globalite. Globalite, through its e-commerce store, is doing about 25-30 transactions a day, just few months post launch.


The service sounds similar to Infibeam's Build-a-Bazaar, but for the fact that Build-a-bazaar doesn't offer such value-added services like logistics and payment gateway integration. Another older player though, does all of that. Hyderabad-based Reasoning Global eApplications Pvt. Ltd. run MartJack is the biggest competition for SmartStore.  MartJack counts brands including Ddamas, Allschoolstuf, Geetanjali jewelers, Wildcraft as its clients.

The opportunity to give 360 degree solution for offline brands seems to be pretty unorganised as of now, with only a couple of players apart from SmartStore in picture. Many offline players now want to reap benefits in the current e-commerce wave while it lasts and thus realising the need of have an e-shop.

Having an e-shop and attracting business from it are completely different, since online business requires an insight of its own. For interesting updates on how the market plays out between traditional online players versus offline retailers trying their hand at e-commerce via such platforms, watch out this space.


(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)

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