Data backup firm Vaultize to offer Google Apps backup service

17 Aug, 2012

Cloud-based data backup provider Vaultize, run by Pune's Ansoomar Technologies Pvt Ltd, has come up with a new backup solution for Google Apps data to help its enterprise and business customers. The service will be available as a Cloud-to-Cloud backup on Vaultize's public cloud. Customers can also opt for other deployment methods such as Vaultize's virtual private cloud (VPC) or cloud-in-a-box appliance to keep the data backup at their own data centres.

The solution will help prevent critical data loss on Google Apps, especially for businesses (data essentially mean Gmail messages and other important documents), due to hacking, accidental deletion or malicious destruction, and enable customers to keep copies of all their documents and mail messages remotely.

Although there are quite a few players offering Google Apps data backup services, no integrated solutions are available yet for backup of data on endpoints (laptops, computers, etc.,) as well as on Google Apps. However, Vaultize claims to be the first player to offer a single, integrated platform for both.

The solution is currently in beta but would be formally launched in a month's time. Although enterprise customers of Vaultize will not be charged anything extra for this new service, it will be a paid service for an SMB/SME who chooses Google Apps data backup as a standalone solution.

"With the increasing number of hacking and malicious destructions, a secure second copy of Google Apps data, physically and logically isolated from the primary cloud, would ensure peace of mind as far as businesses and enterprises are concerned. Additionally, it will also protect against potential data loss that can happen due to user errors or improper use of features," Anand Kekre, CEO and co-founder of Vaultize, told

"Vaultize now provides a single platform to protect business critical data on endpoints as well as on Google Apps – making the life of IT folks easier. Customers can choose to keep backup of their Google Apps data on Vaultize cloud or may use other deployment options like our private cloud or cloud-in-a-box appliance to keep the backup at their own data centres," he added.

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(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)