Affle creates ad network Ripple for contextual advertising

28 Aug, 2012

In tune with the growing convergence of smart devices, India and Singapore-based digital media firm Affle has launched an integrated media and video ad network called Ripple, which offers cutting edge advertising solutions across all smart screens like PC, tablet, mobile, smart TV, consoles and more.

Supported by HTML5 and Flash, Ripple claims to be different from other ad networks as it is an integrated platform for delivering intelligent advertising across all smart screens. Ripple is backed by several technology innovations built by Affle which enable it to deliver ads which are contextual to the kind of video content being consumed – thus making it significantly more engaging for users and more relevant for advertisers and publishers.

Affle co-founder and CEO Anuj Kumar said, "Over the past one year, we have been doing a lot of product level R&D and user research to create the Ripple platform – so that ads delivered through it will reach the most relevant consumer, on the most premium content and at the most relevant context across all smart screens."

According to Affle, Ripple will ensure richer, non-intrusive advertising for consumers; for advertisers, there will be more contextual and blended ad experience and for publishers, its new initiative will warrant better ROI. Noted brands like Samsung, P&G, STAR, Business Standard, Dainik Bhaskar, Beoscope, Bolanews and Sambawa are already leveraging the Ripple platform.

Commenting on the launch, Anuj Khanna Sohum, founder and chairman of the Affle Group, said, "Currently, three major consumer and technology trends are leading the digital revolution in developing markets. These include increased consumption of video and rich media over the internet, greater penetration of mobile internet on smart devices and cheaper & faster access to connected wireless networks. Ripple is designed to leverage these significant trends with the aim to accelerate the digital revolution globally."

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)