Unveiling new design for Techcircle

16 Sep, 2012

Dear TC readers,

It's a pleasure to unveil the new design for Hope you like it. After we launched the site in February 2011, this is the first time we have undertaken a major design overhaul. The old design was clean and straight but was constrained by the fact that we could not showcase more than six stories, and the rest of the stories were getting buried. This had made the discovery of articles tough.

With the new design, you can see all the major stories of the day (12 articles to be precise) prominently on the home page itself. If you want to read more articles chronologically, you just need to click on VIEW ALL STORIES (, where you can access archives datewise. Most importantly, we are treating articles with bigger size fonts, and they are hard to miss.

We have also made slight changes in categories, adding Money which will contain all funding, M&A and investment news. We renamed Consumer Tech in a more direct way as Gadgets, where you will see our gadget coverage. The other categories remain the same: Internet, which is self explanatory, will contain all internet related articles such as e-commerce, web-based business models, and Mobile, which will host mobile related articles such as mobile applications and primarily mobile based businesses. Biz Tech is renamed as Enterprise which will essentially contain articles on B2B models or companies that are catering to businesses, software enterprises and so on. The Startups category will be a bucket where you can track all our startup coverage.

We look forward to your feedback on the design and if we should do anything to make this better for you.

Thank you.

- Editor