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Ad network Ozone Media launches re-targeting platform Ozone Smarton

27 Sep, 2012

Digital Advertising network Ozone Media has launched Ozone Smarton, an advanced re-targeting and dynamic banner advertising platform.

This new platform will help e-commerce companies to acquire customers in a smarter way by assembling banners in real-time and serving them to a re-targeted audience. It has already garnered a high level of interest among advertisers in the e-commerce vertical. The firm will roll out the solution for travel industry next.

Ozone Smarton claims to have pushed up the conversion rate by three to eight times for the retargeted audience. Ozone Smarton is powered by predictive algorithms that determine the optimal product to be shown to the re-targeted users. It selects the product to be served on a dynamic banner in real time, based on its prediction algorithms, to maximise conversion rates and also supports multi-product banners that showcase multiple products that are relevant to the user.

"We are integrating powerful technology in improving efficiencies in campaign delivery and targeting for our customers. Ozone Smarton is a step closer to bringing evolved targeting products to the Indian advertisers," said Kiran Gopinath, CEO, Ozone Media.

"We are in the process of working with our customers to implement algorithms through our customisable recommendation engine that will maximise their ability to generate conversions through retargeting. We will soon be able to proactively suggest campaigns that advertisers can run. These campaigns will help them micro-segment their user base and target them accordingly, leading to far better return on ad spend," said Senthil Govindan, associate VP of product & partnerships at Ozone Media.

In April this year, Ozone Media forayed into mobile advertising segment.  In the last quarter, it had also launched its lead management system that allows advertisers to capture and view leads, without having to build their own solution from the ground up.

(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)