Komli Mobile's new software development Kit 2.0 becomes iPhone 5 compatible

1 Oct, 2012

Komli Mobile, a division of Mumbai-based digital media technology platform Komli Media India Pvt Ltd, has launched the latest version of its software Development Kit SDK 2.0. Developed at its Komli Mobile's Chennai engineering centre, this software is specially developed for android and iOS-enabled devices including iPads supporting HTML5. It also tracks unique device identifier (UDID) and identifier for advertising (IFA) on iOS.

SDK 2.0 will help application developers place 'richer' ads on their applications creating a new revenue opportunity. The new features will also provide support for mobile rich-media ad interface definitions (MRAID) 1.0, a globally established norm for HTML5 advertising and also supported by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). It will also track users using Open UDID or IFA (on iOS 6.0) for better targeting on applications, accepts all video ad formats.

Amit Bhartiya, VP at Komli Mobile said in a statement, "Following the launch of iPhone 5, we have adapted our SDK to track the IFA in addition to UDIDs. Our latest SDK integrates quickly, makes much more revenue for publishers, and enables better targeting for advertisers, while respecting the privacy of the users. Given our dominance within the Asia Pacific digital advertising market, our SDK will enhance revenues for developers within this region and also enable creation of a different mobile advertising experience."

Brands are looking at gathering data and learning more about their users to create better catchments and deliver richer experiences. To meet advertiser needs for engaging ad formats and rich experiences on smartphones and tablets, agencies are now looking at MRAID-compliant rich media solutions and applications that support this.

Celtra, one of the industry leaders in rich media advertising and analytics, is now fully certified with Komli Mobile.  Grant Stratemeyer, VP, business development of Celtra Inc., said in a statement, "Komli Mobile's new SDK for android, iPhone and iPad, are fully certified to run our MRAID-complaint formats within their mobile web and in-app inventory. In fact, Komli is one of the first mobile advertising platforms within South East Asia to do so."

(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)