LinkedIn undergoes significant revamp, launches next-gen LinkedIn Profile

17 Oct, 2012

Professional networking site LinkedIn has completely revamped one of its core products "the profiles, to be precise. According to the company, the new profile experience will enable LinkedIn users to accomplish three things without any hassle. These include:

Tell your professional story more effectively: The new profile is all about visuals (see pic below). The new visual design looks cleaner and allows users to showcase their skills and accomplishments in a better way (unlike the old profile display). The company has also provided tools like inline editing that allows you to update your profile faster.

Discover people & opportunities: The new profile shows rich and visual insights into people and companies in users' networks. These insights also make it simpler to discover people outside your network and quickly establish a common ground to connect with them.

The insights include 'people you may know', your profile strength (where all-star is the highest level you can achieve), insights (in the form of info graphics) into how many connections are working in which companies and the LinkedIn profiles other people have viewed.

Engaging with your network: The company has also made it easier to see what the people in your network is up to and engage with them. 'Recent activity' is now on the top of the profile, allowing users to stay up to date with what their connections have been sharing and doing.

"We're excited to share that we've just launched the next generation LinkedIn Profile, making it easier for our 175 million members to tell their professional stories, be found for opportunities and build relationships through interactions," wrote Aaron Bronzan, product manager at LinkedIn, in an company blog post.

Over the next few months, all LinkedIn members will have access to new-format profiles. But if you want to see a sample of the new profile right now or want to be one of the first users to use the format, you can sign up here. The company has also put up a recording of the Press event where it demoed the new profile.

LinkedIn has been regularly making changes to its products, although nothing as big as this one. It has recently added a feature that enables its members to follow other professionals (including 150 of the most recognised and influential thought leaders on the site, who will share their knowledge and professional insights) on LinkedIn.

Earlier, LinkedIn redesigned its 'Company Pages' and launched a new notifications feature by adding a notification 'flag' at the top of the member's homepage, along with a new inbox 'envelope' icon.

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)