BrizzTV to enable simultaneous onscreen social media updates with live TV

14 Nov, 2012

BrizzTV Media Lab Pvt Ltd, which integrates web content with television screen without internet connectivity, has developed a solution that allows viewers to update social media accounts on normal TV screen while watching programmes, according to a top executive of the company.

The Bangalore-based digital media startup, which recently came up with a new ad monetisation technology, has partnered with an unnamed DTH service provider in the country to launch the product early next year.

"In the current model, the user has to make a choice between watching a programme or updating his social media accounts even on a smart TV screen," said Jitendra Jagadev, COO, BrizzTV. "With the launch of our technology, called SocialTV, it is going to be a passé. This technology allows viewers to watch programmes and update social media accounts simultaneously. That too, on a normal TV screen connected to a set-top box."

Although he did not share the name of the DTH partner, BrrizzTV is currently available on Airtel DTH.

The set-top-box to be provided by the DTH provider will have an extra input point. The viewer would need to plug in the ethernet cable into that port. With just a click on the on the 'Interactive TV' button on the remote control device, the social media widgets will appear on the screen.

The viewer would have the option to choose between a small overlay or can move to a full screen app, where he can view the video in a smaller screen and continue interacting with friends online.

According to Jagadev, the full screen mode brings in entire basic gamut of viewing news feeds that one can update status options, view friends list, messages and photos, and can comment and leave messages. It also allows users to share information and updates on shows they're watching with just a button press, directly on the app. "As of now, only Facebook and Twitter will be available. Other sites like Youtube will be added later," Jagadev  added.

Jagadev claims that the application has the intelligence to identify which channel the user and his friends are watching and can provide relevant info about programmes. "For instance, if a viewer is watching a TV soap or serial, the application will provide info on what will happen in the next episodes."

The application not only allows the viewer to view the tweets on the programmes, but also enables him to participate in discussions as well. The viewer can also accumulate loyalty points based on their viewing habits and can earn reward points,  by which the broadcaster can identify the viewer and reward him for watching a programme regularly.

BrizzTV, which raised an undisclosed funding from Ojas Ventures early this year, was founded in May 2010 by Amarendra Sahu (CEO), Jitendra Jagadev and Krishnan Varadarajan (CTO).

(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)