Eight Indian cos among 105 startups selected for accelerator Startup Chile

30 Nov, 2012

Startup Chile has shortlisted 105 companies for its accelerator programme, including 7-8 Indian companies. The startups were shortlisted from over 1,400 applications. The other prominent countries in the shortlist include the US (24 per cent), Chile (19 per cent) and Argentina (9  per cent) and India (seven per cent). Startups from Morocco, Ukraine, Netherlands and Pakistan were also selected.

The startups come from varied industries that include e-commerce (24 per cent of the selected, not a surprise there), mobile  and wireless (10 per cent), media (10 per cent), IT and enterprise software (10 per cent) and social media and social networks (10 per cent), education, energy and clean tech, finance, natural resources, social enterprise and tourism.

A list of some of the Indian startups in the programme.

Health Assist: An online/mobile platform for HR mangers that 'gamifies' (turning work into a game format) to health and wellness for corporate employees, in addition to rewarding them for staying fit.

Floost: A content discovery platform that helps users build a community around interests. Users can find interesting content from publishers across the web or shared by fellow enthusiasts.

Crispy Games: A technology-driven mobile gaming company that specialises in building multiplayer social games. According to the company, its user base is now nearly two million users and some of its games have been in the top charts in the South Asian market.

SkyBulls: A simulated multi-exchange stock market trading platform for people who want to educate and train themselves and test their strategies in a real trading environment before directly investing in the market.

Crispify: The startup uses an algorithm to compress video by 30 per cent and improve its quality simultaneously. It reduces bandwidth required for sharing the video over internet and can also be used for crisper, uninterrupted video calls.

KeeZILLA: An intelligent watch-list algorithm that helps users track products and services of their interest with the help of keywords.

My Travel Genie: Helps busy travellers plan a completely personalized trip and receive trusted advice on the same.

As of now, we could only find these, but keep track of this space since we will update the list as soon as we figure out the rest. Imaginate.in, Foodkhoj.com, Touristlink.com, GrabHalo.com and Credool.com are some of the Indian startups that were part of the accelerator programme earlier batches.

(Edited by Prem Udayabhanu)