Meet the 12 startups graduating from Morpheus' 8th accelerator batch

17 Dec, 2012

Chandigarh-based startup accelerator The Morpheus has named 12 startups as part of the eighth batch of its Startup Acceleration Program (SAP). The current batch has recently completed the initial 4-month programme and will now gain entry to the Morpheus Gang, a community of 130-plus founders of its portfolio companies who help each other on a daily basis. Each startup will also get Rs 500,000 in funding.

The accelerator is also accepting applications from aspiring startups till December 31 for the upcoming ninth batch – a four-month programme starting from February 2013.

Founded in 2008 by the husband-wife duo of Sameer Guglani and Nandini Hirianniah, The Morpheus (more on that here) focuses on early-stage startups and has mentored 56 startups across seven batches over the past four years. It also commands a success rate (the percentage of companies which are alive and doing business) of 72 per cent.

Here is a quick look at the startups from the 8th batch:

The Memetic Labs (Airwoot)

Founders: Prabhat Saraswat and Saurabh Arora

What it does: Memetic Lab's smart engagement helpdesk product Airwoot empowers businesses to connect with their customers on social media channels, resolve their complaints and leverage deep customer support analytics.

Online Prasad

Founder: Goonjan Mall

What it does: The site connects people to their faith. It offers prasad (offerings to god) on the behalf of the user at a temple of his/her choice and home-delivers the same. It is currently delivering prasad from over 15 places of worship.


Founder: Nikhilesh Tayal

What it does: A mobile-based recruitment platform, targeting Tier II and Tier III cities in India. It is currently operating in Udaipur and aims to change the way recruitment is done in small cities. The company is currently serving 20-odd clients and has a database of 25,000 job-seekers.


Founders: Saurabh Mathur and Jigyasa Makkar

What it does: Provides a platform for new car buyers, so that they can explore and shortlist their options from the large number of cars available in the market. It also does a match-making of sorts – choosing most suitable cars that suit the requirements and lifestyle of a specific user. MotorPaneer arms people with relevant and updated information, helping a prospective buyer get the complete picture which is essential to make informed decisions.


Founders: Shalin Tejpal Jain

What it does: An attachment management system for Gmail that intelligently organises one's e-mail such as lining up the attachments and syncing them with various cloud services, thus making it easy for one to access and edit attachments on the go and keep one's e-mail data organised. The beta version of this app is currently available as a web plugin and will be soon available on iOS, Android and other mobile platforms.


Founders: Sameet Singh, Amith George and Noel Sequeira

What it does: Enables chartered accountants to run their practice with efficiency and professionalism. The product is currently in private beta and being used actively by more than 15 CA firms in Mumbai and Delhi.


Founders: Pinkaki Panda, Jagadish Sahu and Shuvam Pandit

What it does: An online marketplace for leisure activities and offbeat experiences. It helps one pursue his hobbies and interests – be it dancing, cooking, photography, adventure sports, pottery or mixed martial arts.


Founder: Ankur Agarwal

What it does: Makes developers aware of the snags on their websites and help them fix those at a very early stage, saving a lot of time and effort. In addition, developers can capture client-side logs through a web plugin.


Founder: Gaurav Tiwari

What it does: Helps people create e-books. One can edit the cover using a simple drag-and-drop cover editor, import content from the web or create new content as easily as writing a blog post. Papyrus publishes one's books in PDF, EPub and Kindle formats. If one wants to sell his e-book, all he needs to do is set a price and click publish. Papyrus will create a marketing page for the book and sell it as well.


Founder: Sriramkumar VH

What it does: A live video streaming service, enabling professionals (videographers and event managers) and their clients connect to a wider audience with the help of multiple wireless broadband dongles. Any laptop can be converted to an advanced video uplink unit using the Watchy solution.


Founder: Sandeep Burman

What it does: A portal that helps one find and connect to the best classes and teachers to learn any skill at a place and via a medium that's convenient for you.

The Traces

Founders: Udaya Prakash and Saravana Vijay

What it does: Traces brings the art of story-telling to the mobile world, where one can post messages and pictures, track events as they happen and share those with people.

(Edited by Sanghamitra Mandal)