Announcing 2nd edition of Techcircle Payment & Loyalty Forum 2013; Meet the industry's top entrepreneurs & innovators

19 Dec, 2012

The cashless ecosystem is popping up in every market list since a large number of consumers are opting for cashless transactions via the internet. With efficient online payment systems in place and the number of companies growing significantly, understanding this dynamic and diverse online marketplace segment, with an increasingly discerning customer base, is of crucial importance.

The Indian online payments market is growing at 50-100 per cent and will be around 60-70 per cent of the total payments, witnessing a spurt in segments such as retail payments, business payments, remittances, mobile payments and many more. To fill the gaps in this space and enhance the services, quite a few entrepreneurs are starting up and trying their hands on new ideas and innovations. But all these are not without challenges. With the rise in online transactions, fraud remains a great spoiler for merchants, banks and online payment gateways. This, too, has opened up a wide array of opportunities in terms of online security and fraud prevention.

Also, loyalty and rewards programmes in India are gradually gaining popularity, as scale, value and market potential to build cohesive customer loyalty businesses, products and strategies are emerging fast. Although the market has fared well globally, entrepreneurs in India are still trying to provide best practices and processes for generating relationships and ensuring loyalty between a brand and its customer base, which will translate into attractive businesses.

To identify the opportunities and discuss the challenges in this segment, Techcircle will hold the 2nd edition of Techcircle Payments & Loyalty Forum 2013 on Jan 24, 2013, at The Grand, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi.

The conference will bring together industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs as speakers, and host special panels and sessions which will shed insights into key areas such as online payment for retail, businesses and remittances, mobile payments, offline payment, loyalty rewards programmes and emerging opportunities in these areas.

In the payments domain, the forum will discuss and debate on: What creates a world class infrastructure in online payments? Do online payment companies have any scope to differentiate or can they introduce more value-added services in their offerings? What are the specific opportunities and challenges in retail payments, business payments, mobile payments and remittances? What are the various steps the ecosystem players should take to enhance fraud protection? What are the unique growth drivers and challenges for COD (cash on delivery) and offline bill payment solutions and more such relevant questions.

In the loyalty rewards segment, our sessions will hold talks on loyalty and reward programmes in India with the focus on building scale and value, along with creating enhanced customer intimacy. The sessions will also evaluate current Indian programmes, practices and processes, vis-à-vis the global markets, identify how to create everlasting relationships and loyalty between a brand and its customer base, and discuss key elements of the best loyalty programmes. We will also discuss strategies that can help transform a brand and gain most in terms of consumer loyalty.

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